Editorial Services

Whether you just need someone to check for spelling errors or you need another set of eyes to professionally edit and critique the big-picture content and craft in your manuscript, Angelella Editorial can help bring your work to that winning final draft. 

Our editors are happy to take on middle-grade, young-adult, new-adult, and adult fiction. We also edit literary fiction, nonfiction, picture books, business books, short stories, plays, poetry, and screenplays.

Don't know which editor is right for you? Be sure to check the overview of our editors first before you dive into the services listed below. This will help you decide who edits in your genre and age group.


Not sure what service is best for you? Shoot us an email and we'll help point you in the right direction.

Editorial Assessment

J.R., Jay, Diane, DanielleDavid, Denise, Marissa and Jenn provide Editorial Assessments.

Visit their pages to see their age group and genre preferences.

Don't want to commit to a full Developmental or Substantial Edit of your manuscript? Then Editorial Assessments might be the fit for you. With Editorial Assessments, you'll receive broad-strokes insight on your manuscript with guidance on how to move forward with your revisions.


  • A read-through of the entire manuscript, with specific attention to big-picture, structural and developmental components such as plot, character development, voice, etc.

  • 2-3 page typed, single-spaced editorial summary, which will detail big-picture recommendations for revision.

  • A 30-minute Skype or phone call to discuss the edit letter and address any questions you may have after reading it.


Turnaround time for an assessment is typically 4 weeks.

Developmental Editing

Kate, J.R., Jay, DianeDavid, Jenn, Denise, Danielle, Marissa and Daniel provide Developmental Editing.

Visit their pages to see their age group and genre preferences.

  • close read of the entire manuscript, focusing on developmental elements (character and plot development, pacing, voice, setting, dialogue, and other elements of craft and story).

  • In-line notes/questions/comments via track changes on the manuscript itself, (typically dealing with consistency, real-time reactions to the prose, and smaller-scale questions and suggestions that come to mind as during reading.

  • A ~6-10 page typed, thorough editorial letter, which will detail editorial findings and recommendations, supplemental reading recommendations, and any questions that came up during editing. This will also include a list of conventional grammatical errors to watch out for in the letter—i.e., perpetual semi-colon misuse, a word or phrase used repetitively, etc., as well as a list of particularly outstanding moments in the manuscript. 

  • An hour-long Skype or phone call to discuss the edit letter and address any questions you may have after reading it, as well as to talk about a revision game plan and next steps ​​


Turnaround time for edit letter delivery is typically 4-5 weeks, depending upon manuscript length.

Line Editing

Kate, Diane, David, Danielle, Denise, Marissa, and Jenn provide Line Editing.

Visit their pages to see their age group and genre preferences.

Focuses on readability, inconsistencies, cadence, tone, style, and use of language on a sentence-by-sentence level throughout the manuscript. Line Edits are done via track changes.


Turnaround time is 4-5 weeks depending on ms length.

Substantive Editing

Kate, Jay, Jenn, David, Denise, Danielle, Marissa and Daniel provide Substantive Editing.

Visit their pages to see their age group and genre preferences.

This one is the most comprehensive and includes everything included in the developmental edit, followed by a read-through of the client’s subsequent revised draft (revision review), as well as a line edit via track changes.


Turnaround typically takes a minimum of twelve weeks, depending on your writing/revision schedule. Expect at least 4 weeks for a developmental edit, 4 weeks for you to revise (min.), 4 weeks for the revision review and line edit.


Kate, Jay, Diane, Daniel, and Jenn provide Copyediting.

Focuses on mechanics such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage. Copyediting is done via track changes.


Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks depending on ms length.


Jay, Diane, and Jenn provide Proofreading.

Proofreading is the last sort of edit a manuscript typically goes through—either before publication in the case of self-pub, or before it’s sent off to an editor or agent in the case you are looking to publish traditionally. We’re really just looking for spelling errors and typos—this isn’t as intense as a copyedit.

Query Letter Critique

Kate, J.R., Danielle, Diane, David, and Jay, provide Query Letter Critiques.

Visit their pages to see their age group and genre preferences.

  • Co-development and composition of the query letter.

  • A review and critique of up to ten drafts of the letter, typically in the form of track changes and email correspondence. 

  • Suggestions for comps and supplemental reading.

  • A 45-minute Skype or phone call once the letter is drafted and polished to discuss the querying process or any other questions about agents/the publishing industry that the client may have.


Turnaround time is 1 week per letter draft.

Authenticity Reading

Jay and Jenn provide Authenticity Reading.

Visit their pages to see their focus areas.

Sometimes referenced as sensitivity reading, this focuses on reading a manuscript with an eye towards pointing out cultural and/or racial bias, misrepresentation, and stereotypes. Authenticity reading includes in-line notes via track changes as well as a brief synopsis of the editor's thoughts in an edit letter.


Turnaround time is up to 4 weeks.

Author Coaching

Kate, Jenn, Denise, Danielle, Marissa, and Daniel provide Author Coaching.

Visit their pages to see their age group and genre preferences.

Work with an editor from concept to complete first draft of a manuscript in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions.

  • Begin with a brainstorming session, followed by a plot-point outline and then a chapter-by-chapter outline.

  • Then, we move on to writing the draft, chapter by chapter.

  • At the end, you will receive an assessment or developmental edit at a discounted rate.

Book Doctoring

Kate provides Book Doctoring.

Visit her page to see her age group and genre preferences.

Book doctors are for writers who don't have time to make big revisions or overhauls on their books. First we read your manuscript for developmentally focused edits. Then, after we discuss proposed changes with you, we go in and make the changes ourselves, being sure to maintain your book's voice and vision (or the voice and vision to which you aspire) along the way. Our book doctors are available both to individual writers and publishers looking to overhaul books under contract.

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