What They Say About The Editors

“Any writer would be lucky to have Kate Angelella’s insightful, wise editorial guidance. In her time on the editing staff at Aladdin, Kate acquired and shaped books that launched careers of many industry stars, including the future #1 Indie Next pick author Nova Ren Suma and the multiple John Steptoe-award-winning Kekla Magoon. Kate has an eye for talent and a gentle, skilled hand at coaxing out the best from a writer.”

–Liesa Abrams, VP, Editorial Director, Simon Pulse & Aladdin Books, Simon & Schuster

"Ross Angelella’s critique was thorough, respectful, and thought-provoking. Everything I’d hoped it would be. I knew there was something 'off' with my manuscript, as I’d received rejections that indicated I was close, but not quite there. I needed Ross to help me identify my manuscript’s weaknesses; he made great suggestions. A revision can be overwhelming, but Ross’s approach—breaking down his editorial letter into distinct topics—helped me devise a plan. I especially appreciate Ross’s suggestion to slow the pace of the reveal and get more into the mindset of my main character, as painful as that might be. I highly recommend Ross and would work with him


–Kathleen Blasi, AFTERMATH: A NOVEL

Kyle’s insightful comments about a rather tricky project of mine yielded a much clearer next draft. He was able to help me prioritize aspects of the novel, from characters to plot points, and point out areas that were lacking and needed some fleshing out. It’s always helpful to get an objective opinion on your writing, and Kyle provided a measured, fair, and honest assessment of my work!


–Katie Antonsson, author of BRICK

"Ross Angelella manages to unite a keen eye for detail with the ability to see the broad brush strokes of a story. In doing so, he is able to pinpoint areas of a manuscript that need to be tightened or clarified while at the same time coax other aspects of the story that are best explored in deeper ways. In the hands of such a capable editor, my manuscript went to the next level. Not only did my book reap the benefits of his talents, Ross was a joy to work with as well!"


Jay has a very sharp eye and awesomely keen wit. [She] is not shy and speaks her mind. Her vision for making my story better was inevitably on point, whether the issue was character development, voice, narrative arc or other critical story components. I can honestly say I wish we lived in the same city so we could form a critique group together. It would be amazing to have her eyes examining my work on a more regular basis. Writing is an insanely difficult endeavor in today’s marketplace where agents and editors are absolutely inundated with queries and manuscripts. Having Jay on your team would seriously boost anyone’s chances of being a published author. Call, don’t email. Get her while she’s still available.”


--Adam Taylor

Jay Whistler is one of the best-read people I know. And is my go-to person if I have a grammatical question. She reads voraciously and more importantly, remembers details I have long forgotten. She has a deep understanding of story structure and a sly sense of humor. Her critiques are guaranteed to bring up points I haven’t considered before and she has a sense of drama that aids in all story telling. She’s a pleasure to work with.”


--Leslie Helakoski, SCBWI-MI Co-Regional Advisor

 “Working with Kate was a true pleasure. Her professional eye took what I thought was a polished manuscript, and made it shine. As a first time author I was nervous about the thought of working with an editor but Kate has such a wonderful way of suggesting improvements and a killer eye for the fluff that is not needed. Her expertise took my manuscript to the next level. I am thrilled to have had her by my side in this project and look forward to future collaborations.”



Kate Angelella has a wonderful eye for what works in the commercial marketplace, with a talent for finding new, fresh voices and pushing them to be the best writers they can be. While at Aladdin, she shaped many noteworthy debuts, and her collaborative editorial process was appreciated and respected by her colleagues and authors.”

–Alyson Heller, Editor, Aladdin Books, Simon & Schuster

"She’s Discerning — pinpoints strengths and  weakness

            Imaginative — offers up helpful what if’s

           Affable — at ease with her editorial technique and her client

           Nimble — navigates all waters irrespective of the picture book subject

           Encouraging — but tempers her enthusiasm with thought-provoking advice

  She’s Diane— Diane Telgen.  And I urge you to hire her!"

  --Lynda Graham-Barber, author COOKIE'S FORTUNE, SAY BOO!

"Ever had one of those stories you've looked at a thousand times and rewritten a hundred ways? Ever decided that your narrative is so far down the rabbit hole there is no hope? I'm here to tell you there is hope and comes to you as Denise Santomauro. She can see the story's thread through the royal tangled mess you've made of it. Denise has clear vision, a love of language, and spot on critique. She'll get you untangled. She's wonderful!"


--J.A. Cameron

Jenn Bailey is an outstanding editor and writing coach. Not only will she help you improve your story, Jenn will help you discover your own tendencies as a storyteller—what you do well and what you need to improve. She’s not just an advocate for the best possible version of your story, she’s an advocate for the best possible you. She’s warm, generous, perceptive, and stinking hilarious. Few editors are so adept at recognizing the heart of a writer's story. Fewer still care so much about a writer’s heart."

-- Daniel Schwabauer, Legends of Tira Nor series

Kyle was a dream to work with. I needed a crazy turnaround, and he stepped up to the plate. He was timely, professional, detailed, and thoughtful. His feedback was nuanced, multilayered, and above all, generous. I felt he was deeply invested in my story and rooting for it to realize its full potential. Without his help, it couldn’t have. I will definitely be seeking his help again, and can gladly recommend him to writers in search of wise eyes on their manuscript.


-- Julie Berry, 2017 Printz Honor Winner, author of Lovely War

"Danielle Sunshine’s vast knowledge and leadership experience in the SF regional chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators means that she is uniquely qualified to edit work with an eye to both the craft and business of writing. Her patience, kindness, and sense of humor make learning from her a pleasure."

-Lisa Papademetriou, MFA and bestselling author